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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Holiday Update

Boy has it been a busy few weeks! I thought I'd get a chance to do this sooner but even on my days off from work it seemed like I just couldn't find the time!

Last year I went a little overboard for Olivia's first Christmas. I bought her every single toy that I thought was cute. This year I only bought a few things that I thought she would like or that were useful (like a pre-soaped sponged for bath time).

Olivia's stocking stuffers from my favorite local store

Her big gift was a Snoozer car seat. We put it under the tree on Christmas eve and she climbed right in for a nap. She definitely knew it was for her! She loved it still when we took her for her maiden voyage in the car with it. She couldn't decide whether to nap or look out the window!

We had a lot of fun goofing off and playing together this holiday season and Olivia even helped make ugly sweater cookies while wearing my childhood apron haha.

Olivia wasn't too excited about ringing in the new year but she did watch the ball drop on tv with Brian and I at midnight before we all crashed and went to bed.

My New Year's blogging resolution for 2015: Be more consistent with my blog!


  1. Olivia remains adorable!
    Best wishes with the blog consistency; we're in a similar boat but we're not even pretending its going to get much better in the near future ;-)

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