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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lots to Share and Tell!

So yesterday my mom and I accompanied my dad to a car show. We met up with two other couples and a few other men who are all friends. There was also a craft show going on so that was where the women spent most of out time there, Olivia included. I wore a purple plastic Halloween wig and a Halloween bow, just because I could. I've always liked Halloween and even though it's a little ways off, I felt like getting in the spirit. The town of Edgefield, SC where we were has painted Turkeys, like Chicago once had the painted cows (do they still? I don't even know...). I took Olivia's photo with two of the Turkeys. There were also people dressed in period costumes and doing civil war reenactments, Olivia and I posed with two such women.

Olivia next to me dad's antique


Olivia and a Turkey

Another Turkey

She felt so important going around in her stroller with all these strangers coming up and complimenting her. Im always amazed how good she is with kids considering we don't have any at our house. We went to a little sub shop with out door seating for lunch and Olivia sat right at the table with us. Our family friend Sandy had fun feeding Olivia kettle potato chips. Olivia liked them so much she was quivering (literally) for more. It was pretty funny.

"I'll take one of everything"

looking pretty

Last week I was perusing when I came across an interesting listing. It was for Cirque Italia, an Italian circus that's making its way across America. What really caught my attention was that they are supposedly an animal cruelty free circus and they had a Matador routine using Boston Terriers as the bulls. Today they performed in Charlotte and my parents and I went. We had a blast! The Bostons did such a wonderful job and had the whole audience laughing. And the show we talked to the Circus performer who owns them. She was super sweet and told me to find her on instagram because she loves looking at other people's Bostons. For me the highlight was having my photo taken with a squirrel-sized monkey named Romeo. They put a towel on your shoulder for the monkey to sit on. As the monkey handler put him on my shoulder he told me, "Don't be afraid but you have a lot of earrings and he may want to play". Great, I though. But the monkey didn't touch the six earrings in that ear. He did sneeze in my face though, lol.

Romeo and 1 (they charged $10 for the polaroid, a bit
pricey but oh well)

The Boston Terrier Matador Routine Broken into 5 Clips:

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Puppies! Olivia and my parent's dog, Fern, enjoying their favorite mode of transportation!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Gobble Stopper

So Olivia snarfs down her food super fast and I worry about bloat because of it. Yesterday Brian, Olivia, and I went to check out the nearest Petco for the first time and I was looking through all the treat balls and the slow feeder options (I've looked online but I like to look at and touch the products. Plus there are just so many mixed reviews). In the food bowl aisle is where I found The Gobble Stopper. It suctions into the bottom of the bowl and comes in various sizes. I think the one I bought was about $6.
Olivia doesn't like it. It seems to stress her out that she cant eat all the food RIGHT NOW.  Plus she doesn't have a long snout so I think it's probably harder for her to get the food out from around The Gobble Stopper. However, it seems to do the trick, so I'd say it works but is probably better for a dog with a longer skinnier muzzle.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Walk, The Rain, and The Drive-In Movie

So Saturday night my fiancee (Brian) and I took Olivia to my local SPCA's fundraiser. Part of the fundraiser was a 1-mile Twilight Walk. The second part was food and drink booths that were all paid for just with your admission price. It had been threatening to rain all day, but we received the email saying the walk would still go on. So I put Olivia in her tutu and put a little head band on her, and fixed her manicure. Then we were off. We arrived and it was starting to drizzle. No biggie. But by the time the walk was ready to start thirty minutes later, it was pouring. Silly me packed a raincoat for Olivia and not myself. Brian was nice enough to give me his.

Olivia loved the walk. She was super excited, her little legs were moving in hyper-drive. We started at about middle of the pack and by the end we were at the front. Of course Olivia had to meet and greet everyone along the way, human and canine. By the end of the walk we were dripping wet and without the exercise to keep her warm, Olivia started to shiver :( So Brian got sent to the car for her stroller. I have to say I was impressed because although her stroller isn't water proof, perse, it did do a good job of keeping her pretty dry. We went around and got the taster sized portion of food and drink the booths were handing out, and the mini cupcakes were by far the best. Although, I'm pretty sure Olivia's favorite was the woman who was handing out bones to people who'd brought their dogs. The funniest, though, was the Spay & Neuter Clinic who were giving out "not your dog's meat balls".

Olivia (and Brian) all dressed for the
SPCA event

my little family at the SPCA event
before the down pour

So the other super cool thing we did, as you may have guessed from the blog title, was go to our local drive-in theater. We went and saw The Butler and took Olivia with us. We even saw another couple and their Boston named Molly. We had a great time! The movie was pretty good too :)

Olivia in front of the screen

Olivia watches the preview

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Olivia Goes to the Car Parade

So my dad and some of his friends are participating in this car race this weekend... it called 24 Hours of LeMons. Basically there are teams of people and they have $500 to buy a car and then they have to put all this racing safety gear in it and they decorate the cars to look funny and crazy. Then they all go to the race and race these $500 or less cars. You can find more info here: 24 Hours of LeMons

So the race starts today but last night they had a parade with all the cars (117 of them!) through the downtown of where it's located. Naturally I brought Olivia (and my fiancee/her daddy is here visiting so he came too).
here come the cars!

Olivia in her fancy hat waiting
for the parade to start

Olivia watches the parade
pig car

wedding car and it had a dog
as part of its entourage!

bride and groom on the
wedding car

Homer Simpson with Marge on
the back

super woman

Lego men

my dad (waving) and his friends
with their car, they call
themselves the nuclear waste

my dad and friends

dad's friends on the trunk of the
nuclear waste car

...and again

and again

this guy drove the whole parade
in reverse

Olivia watched intently

really old car 

green alien people and their car

dinosaur dogs to go with the
Jurassic Park car
dino dogs
Jurassic Park car

upside down car

good puppy hanging out on the
trunk of "his" car
German Shepard and "his" car

Olivia,  her daddy (Brian), and
the nuclear waste car

Olivia with the town's founders

Friday, September 20, 2013

Mommy's Little Graduate

So... as you may remember from my wordless wednesday post, Olivia graduated from puppy class! WOOHOO! I put her in her fanciest party dress and my mom and I attached a silvery, glittery, graduation cap hair clip (left over from my graduation in May) to an elastic and Olivia dutifully wore it on her head. All the other pups came in their birthday suits and so Olivia really stole the show. The new class that had their first day right before our class began really got a kick out of her too :)

Olivia and I are already starting the Intermediate class on October 2!

(When I get my hands on my dad's camera chip I'll post some more grad photos)

The Graduate!

... and her "diploma"...
... and the Graduate with her proud mommy!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

So with Olivia graduating puppy class today it makes me think how fast time is flying by! My little "guinea pig" is no longer, now she's a big girl and looks like a real dog! No more puppy face for her. Here's a little picture collage to show how much she's grown.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Olivia Goes to The Car Show

My dad likes to collect antique cars and take them to local car shows. Today he went to one about 45 minutes away with my mom and another couple who are family friends. I don't usually go. Sitting in a hot parking lot is not my idea of a good time. But after going to Petsmart this morning I decided to meet everyone there with Olivia. I've seen photos in the past of Frenchies in baby swings at a playground and wanted to take a similar one of Olivia. I finally got to today!

checking out her surroundings 


Olivia and her "grandpa's" caddy

Olivia and our friend's corvette

in the swing

Here's a video of her swinging!