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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Olivia Goes to the Car Parade

So my dad and some of his friends are participating in this car race this weekend... it called 24 Hours of LeMons. Basically there are teams of people and they have $500 to buy a car and then they have to put all this racing safety gear in it and they decorate the cars to look funny and crazy. Then they all go to the race and race these $500 or less cars. You can find more info here: 24 Hours of LeMons

So the race starts today but last night they had a parade with all the cars (117 of them!) through the downtown of where it's located. Naturally I brought Olivia (and my fiancee/her daddy is here visiting so he came too).
here come the cars!

Olivia in her fancy hat waiting
for the parade to start

Olivia watches the parade
pig car

wedding car and it had a dog
as part of its entourage!

bride and groom on the
wedding car

Homer Simpson with Marge on
the back

super woman

Lego men

my dad (waving) and his friends
with their car, they call
themselves the nuclear waste

my dad and friends

dad's friends on the trunk of the
nuclear waste car

...and again

and again

this guy drove the whole parade
in reverse

Olivia watched intently

really old car 

green alien people and their car

dinosaur dogs to go with the
Jurassic Park car
dino dogs
Jurassic Park car

upside down car

good puppy hanging out on the
trunk of "his" car
German Shepard and "his" car

Olivia,  her daddy (Brian), and
the nuclear waste car

Olivia with the town's founders


  1. Hmmm... Do these cars TASTE like lemons? You know I have to ask.


    1. Ya know... they might! Olivia and I didn't test that out though, unfortunately. :)