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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

And.... We're Baaaaack! Not-so-Wordless Wednesday

It's been so long since I've sat at a computer and opened up Blogger... and I feel so guilty. I think that guilt was part of why I haven't been on here in so long. I didn't want to admit it had been as long as it has.

But back in May I bought my 2015 BlogPaws ticket for Olivia and I and the other day I told myself I'd have to sell that ticket if I didn't get back to blogging. So here I am. Let me tell you about what we've been up too since... July.

I got a job. My first adult job since graduating college... my first job...ever. I'm the assistant to the executive director at my town's Downtown Development Association. Although having a job was something I was striving for, turned my life on its head. To be honest I'm still trying to fit everything I need to do into my days, especially as it gets dark earlier and earlier.

When I got my job the thing I felt worst about was leaving Olivia every morning to go to work.

I've learned a lot so far. I've had to step outside my comfort zone. I've met so so so many people. I had to figure out how to take minutes and type them up after our monthly board meetings. I learned how to use a dial-up credit card machine. I now know my town's Downtown area better than I could've ever hoped.

Unfortunately, one of the things that got cut when I'd get home from work, ride my horse, eat dinner, and crash for the day was this blog. But it never stopped nagging at me.... write me. Write me. C'mon, one paragraph and a couple of photos.... you know you want to. and I did want to! But I was just so tired that it never got done.

My pet crafting business has gotten a bit of a lift off. I sold my first item on Etsy (a Boston Terrier pin. A woman bought it for her daughter for a Christmas gift). And a new dog boutique, Downtown Dog, opened up Downtown and I spend a lot of time there. They are super nice and even bought some of my dog tutus to sell in the store!

Since July Olivia took another class at Petsmart. A trick class. She learned to roll over and stuff like that. the funniest thing that she learned, or actually taught herself, was to jump up on the stools... but we had her jump on and off the stool through her hoop.... while wearing her tutu.

We went to the local SPCA's Bark-a-Rita Ville fundraiser which was a lot of fun (last year it rained and we didn't stay long). There was food and beverages, music, and an awareness walk. Olivia spent the evening eating dropped snacks off the ground and thoroughly enjoyed herself. I wore a purple wig and Olivia had bat wings on.. .and surprise! We ended up on the front of the Sunday paper the next day.

For Halloween Olivia and I had matching Steampunk costumes, both made by my wonderful mom. Brian had a few Steampunk accessories to go with us. We won third place at Downtown Dogs' costume contest, ate snacks, had our photo taken, and received tasty looking dog cookies.

I'm excited to be back blogging. I really have missed it. I can't wait to re-connect with everyone!


  1. Sounds like you've got so many new activities in your life. What a blessing. Welcome back!

  2. Cute photos! Your tricks class sounds like a lot of fun. I love teaching tricks. :)

    1. thanks! I like tricks too they're a fun way to keep Olivia focused (and makes her work for a cookie)!

  3. Glad you're back! And it sounds like we will be meeting in Nashville :D

    I struggle with balance too, between my day job, my blog and my Etsy shop. When I opened my shop I threw myself into it and my blog suffered. Now I've got a good schedule going on my blog but I haven't touched my shop. I need time management for dummies.

    1. thanks and yay Nashville! Can I borrow the Time Management book after you, haha.