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Friday, November 21, 2014

Too Cute to Leave Behind

Let's be honest. We all think our dog(s) is the cutest dog(s) in the world. I am definitely no exception! In my eyes, I've never seen a dog cuter and with more squish-ably chubby cheeks than my Olivia Rose. I'm biased. We all are.

This morning Olivia was being exceptionally cute. All through eating my breakfast I couldn't stop with the "oh my God"'s every she rolled over or played with a toy. And then Olivia even decided to use her heavy winter coat as a dog bed. The result? I did not want to leave her to go to work (more so than usual). I like my job. It's a wonderful job. But I long for the day when either I have a job that allows me to bring Olivia to work, or I'm self employed and make my own rules about my dog being allowed in my office/store/etc. I'm always very eager to get home to Olivia at the end of the day so I can scoop her up, smell her unique warm puppy smell, and kiss those big chubby cheeks.

Olivia is pretty sure that her coat makes
a cozy make-shift bed.

Playing with toys this morning.

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