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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Olivia is feeling Disney-Fab: Thoughtless Thursday

I got Olivia a new ensemble, a Minnie Mouse tutu and a Minnie Mouse bandana that reads "it's all about me"... well when it comes to Olivia that statement couldn't be truer!

Barking in the car looking cute

Thoughtless Thursday

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tutorial: make a super cute jar to put dog cookies (or anything really) in:

I found this idea on Pinterest and then collected the materials to make it. I also saw the idea in Modern Dog Magazine (I love that mag).

Except not only am I doing the animal topper, but also I'm putting glitter on the actual jar. I am not painting my animal topper but it is another option! Just as painting the car a solid color and then applying the glitter is an option. Really, there are endless possibilities with this!

my mostly dry and mostly finished product

If you skip the animal topper and just do the glitter you can put a candle in it for some pretty glittery light. You can keep these jars in the kitchen, the bathroom, your desk, or even use them as a center piece.


  • Mason jar (any size that works for you)
  • Painters Tape
  • Plastic animals to go on top of jar
  • Crazy glue
  • Modge Podge
  • Glitter (any color)
  • Foam brush applicator
  • Plastic cup (disposable)

I'm making this jar for my grandma who just had knee surgery so I put some little chickens as my animal topper instead of a dog. I got my mason jar for $1 at a local dollar store and the red picnic plaid is right up Grandma's alley.

First you apply the painters tape (if you want the glitter to have a clean line, other wise skip the tape and have at it). Then mix the Modge Podge and glitter in a plastic cup, add glitter until you feel it has enough. Turn Mason jar upside down and paint the Modge Podge glitter on it avoiding the bottom (you can do the bottom but the glitter may come off of scratch your surfaces). Apply the Modge Podge glitter thickly so that the glitter is even spread but don't worry too much, remember this is art and it's supposed to be fun (and you can always add another coat later)!

Another (messier) way to do this, for thicker, better glitter coverage, would be to apply plain old Modge Podge and then sprinkle the glitter on instead of mixing the Modge podge and glitter together. The way I'm doing it the glitter won't be as thick and there is less coverage.

While the Modge Podge glitter is drying, use the crazy glue to apply your chosen animal to the lid. It should dry very quickly, but make sure to apply pressure to make sure the two surfaces stick well together.

***After your second or third or maybe your fourth (it's your project after all!) remove the painters tape while your Modge Podge glitter is still wet. Once it starts to dry, if you take the tape off the tape will remove some of the Modge Podge glitter and you will need to touch it up a bit.
Modge Podge and Espresso colored glitter

sponge brush applicator
(make sure to rinse it between coats)

Modge Podge glitter mix

the mason jar lid and the little chicks to glue on

crazy glue
first coat (still wet)

unpainted bottom
chicks glued to the lid
the first coat dry

second coat wet

Thoughtless Thursday

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Olivia and her Skateboard (Video) Wordless Wednesday

So here is Olivia riding her skateboard. Right now we are still on the flat ground part of the training, soon we will try out some small hills (and hopefully she'll put her other feet up on the board as she gains momentum)!

The Boston Terrier Take Over... AKA: We Found a Boston Terrier Club!

I had considered starting up one of my own, but through Facebook I learned that someone else had the same idea of starting up a local Boston Terrier Club! How excited was I! The first meet-up was Saturday 2/8 at a free dog park. I think maybe 20 Bostons showed up, and it was really fun to see all those little black and white snorters in one place. There was even a 12 week old puppy! The Bostons were in all shapes and sizes.

One of the funniest things was watching normal patrons of the park arrive and be completely in shock by the Boston Terrier Take Over.

"Is it Boston Terrier day? Was this planned?" They all asked. Yes, yes it was.

The next meet-up is March 1 and Olivia will definitely be there!

In the photos, Olivia is the one with the black mesh harness.

This little girl's name is Chloe,
and she loved playing ball

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thoughtless Thursday: My Olivia Signature Stamp

I found a store on Etsy that makes custom paw-print stamps with your pet's name on it. She makes dog paws as well as cat paws. I had to buy it! I sign Olivia's name on lots of things, mostly greeting cards, and thought it was adorable! My stamp came out really great. If you want one too, you can find them here. They're also a really reasonable price.

Thoughtless Thursday

Monday, February 3, 2014

February is Spoil Your Pet Month...

And boy do I spoil Olivia!

She gets Blue Buffalo grain-free dog food, she gets all natural made in the USA dental bones (one per day), she gets a more cookies than any other dog I know (except Fern Louise, she gets just as many), she goes for car rides, she goes on shopping trips, and my oh my does she have toys! Oh, and she gets to sleep in the bed.

I treat Olivia as if she were a human child. She is my child, after all, even if she has four legs instead of two. My honest belief is why have a dog if you aren't gonna spoil it?

And what can I say... I just can't resist Olivia's cuteness!

You can see Olivia's equally spoiled cat sister, Harley, in the