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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thoughtless Thursday: Craft Show Edition

Last Friday (July 4th) I did my first craft show, something I've been aspiring towards. For my first time out I think it went pretty well, especially because it wasn't a true craft show. It was just vendor row at a Peach Festival where people were not necessarily going in order to shop. There's a pre-Christmas craft show, just for crafts black friday weekend and I'm hoping to do that one too.

I sold my Boston Terrier (Olivia) dolls and their clothes as well as my jewelry I make. My mom made some housewares like fabric coasters and microwaveable potholder bowls. Our friend Pat made purses and brought along some collectible cookie tins she wanted to part with.

You can find the items that I sold on my Etsy.

Olivia even made an appearance to debut her look-a-likes

inside the booth. we hung the dolls from the tent so people could
see them better.

jewelry table

doll tutus and pat's purses

collectible tins

housewares and dolls and doll dresses

front table

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: An army of Gremlins

Some of you will remember that last fall I started an attempt at making a plush doll to look like Olivia. I finally did it! I'm super proud of how they turned out. I created them from start to finish. Everything from making the pattern to sewing to stuffing them.

Check my Etsy to see the listing for the dolls as well as the jewelry I make!

Here's my army of gremlins!

"Uh Mom? Why are they all looking at me?"

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Olivia's Florida Vacation

This past weekend Brian, Olivia, and I all took a trip to Florida to visit my aunt, uncle, and grandparents. The last time my grandparents saw Olivia in person was almost a year ago to the day and Olivia has certainly grown and changed a lot since then!

We left on Friday morning and got to Florida in time for dinner. Saturday we spent time together with the family, found a local dog park, and went swimming. Sunday passed similarly. We left Monday morning to come home.

I was so amazed at how gentle Olivia was with my fragile diabetic grandpa. It's like she knew he needed her to be calmer in order for her to interact with him.

My aunt who is very choosy when it comes to whose dogs she likes absolutely loved Olivia (they'd met before at our house) and even let Olivia on her furniture.

Here are some of the things Olivia got to do this weekend!

  • swim
  • go on several golf cart rides (that's one of the ways the residents get around the gated community where my family lives)
  • play with her relatives
  • go to a "town center" that was western themed
  • take a photo with mommy in a wooden head cut out
  • go to a new dog park
  • watch TV with her great aunt and uncle on their couch
  • go on vacation with mommy and daddy
  • eat at a McDonalds
    waiting for handouts at McDonalds

    swimming and chilling out with her new ceramic friend

    eating dinner with her great uncle

    checking out great grandma's screen porch


    playing with her great uncle

    her great uncle loved spending time with her
    walking in the "town center"

    inside the lobby of the themed movie theater

    visiting with her great grandparents

    golf cart ride

    doggie water fountain at the dog park (I had brought her own
    water for her)

    at the dog park

    family portrait

    playing with and being held by her great aunt

    wiggle butt

    playing with her great grandpa

    golf cart ride

    watching TV with great aunt and uncle

    sleeping on the way home