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Monday, September 2, 2013

Leave it! Drop it!

Last week Olivia learned "leave it" "drop it" and "down" (as in lay down). Olivia learned to leave and drop it using food and I was so shocked that she actually left it or dropped it because of how absolutely food driven she is. And I was soooo proud because she was the only puppy who actually would do "down". What a good girl! We also got Olivia signed up for the intermediate level classes starting in October after her puppy class ends. So that will be exciting.

We've been swamped with house guests on and off for a week now and I tell you, Olivia has never met a stranger. She loves everyone who comes in here, shaking her butt and wiggling, sometimes giving a little bark. I don't think we've met anyone who doesn't like her too. Haha. No one can resist that little squishy face and those big bulgy eyes of hers.

I can't believe how much I love this little thing. She's just so flippin' cute. She's my almost constant companion, my black and white shadow. I hate that she's getting so big! I wish she'd stay is size (roughly 9 lbs) forever. But she won't and that's ok too lol.

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