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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mommy's Little Super Star

Without fail Olivia always ends up being the star of puppy class. She ends up doing something to call attention to herself and then everyone "aw"'s and compliments her. That's not to say the other dogs aren't cute by any means, but they just don't have as big a personality as Olivia does. At last night's class she was giving all the boy dogs kisses.

What I just don't get is why she's so good and obedient there and then I get her home and it's like she sticks her fingers in her ears and goes "I'm not listening lalalala" and continues doing what she wants. Especially when I call her, which she is getting a little better about, but still she likes to play 'you can't catch me'. When she's out in the barn with me I never have her loose around the horses but still someday there may come a day when she is I need to get her fast... I guess we just have to keep working on it. *sigh* lol.

Olivia at Puppy Class waiting for her turn

Olivia, the trainer Debra, and I

practicing come when called and sitting when Olivia arrives at my feet

good girl, sit!

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