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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Uphill Battle that is Potty Training

So potty training Olivia hasn't been easy. Especially when whenever my dad is supposed to watch her and she's loose, he doesn't notice when she goes to the back door and asks to go out. And then when I go outside with her she doesn't always want to go right then and then needs to go out again like two seconds later after coming in from being out.  And me standing on the back porch shouting "Livieeee! Go potty!" In my most enthusiastic voice doesn't seem to make the ball roll any faster. In fact, that seems to translate into "Olivia, eat fried worms of the driveway," or "Olivia, eat acorns and sticks, please," or "Olivia, it would thrill me if you ran off into the woods,". Now I can hear you guys out there saying, "Olivia's Human, you could solve those issues if you walked her on her leash!" Well yes, but she won't go potty 8 times out of 10 when she's on the leash... Soooooo.... I think she's coming along, I really do, but it has been a long process and it's still going. Wish me luck!

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