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Friday, September 20, 2013

Mommy's Little Graduate

So... as you may remember from my wordless wednesday post, Olivia graduated from puppy class! WOOHOO! I put her in her fanciest party dress and my mom and I attached a silvery, glittery, graduation cap hair clip (left over from my graduation in May) to an elastic and Olivia dutifully wore it on her head. All the other pups came in their birthday suits and so Olivia really stole the show. The new class that had their first day right before our class began really got a kick out of her too :)

Olivia and I are already starting the Intermediate class on October 2!

(When I get my hands on my dad's camera chip I'll post some more grad photos)

The Graduate!

... and her "diploma"...
... and the Graduate with her proud mommy!


  1. Condogulations!!! I'm "Mommy's Little DROP OUT" BOL BOL BOL!!
    Or...."Mommy's Little Sweathog" :)
    Barks and licks and love,

    1. So funny! My parent's dog is a drop out too :P

  2. Aw she is adorable in her little silver cap! Congrats Olivia!