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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Home, At last

So this weekend I went back up to school (Elon University, Elon, NC) to visit my best friend whose just starting her senior year. I haven't seen her since graduation and we had a ball. Unfortunately this meant I had to leave my little princess home with my mom (Olivia's Granny), and boy did I miss her! But while I was gone I did a lot of shopping for her so it was fun to come home and show her everything :)

new tutu, and parts of Olivia's
Halloween costume

new soft and plush crate mattress
new piggy toys that grunt instead of squeak :)

new henley "hoodie" with monkeys on it,
i love the monkeys haha

new wind breaker/rain coat (on the right)

the tutu

needle-felted boston terrier

"Granny" and Olivia


  1. Oh a fashionista like me. I love it! She is adorable. Hope to meet you someday in pawson!

  2. Yes definitely! BlogPaws 2014 is a bit far for Olivia and I but I'm hoping to make it to BarkWorld 2014 to get to meet everyone :) and yeah Olivia and I enjoy fashion!