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Monday, September 9, 2013

Feels Like Fall.. Almost

This morning it was so nice out, not humid or hot like it has been. I feel like fall could be around the corner. I love the fall, sweaters and boots are my favorite and I can't wait to put Olivia in sweaters too! This morning Olivia and I went out to the communal horse riding area in our horse friendly neighborhood to watch my trainer give my neighbor a riding lesson. It was felt amazing to be outside and not be sweating. Olivia seemed so happy to not be panting profusely and was enjoying watching the horses go past the golf cart (where we were sitting) and chewing on a stick.

watching the horses

enjoying the Olivia Mobile


  1. so nice to meet you! Saw your link in the blogpaws community and signed up to follow you and am also following you on twitter @dakotasheltie and @catchatcaren
    I have two blogs, my dog's blog and my cat blog hope you will follow us too!
    PS:Can't wait for fall weather!

  2. very nice to meet you too! thanks for checking out my blog :) I'll most definitely check out your blogs!

  3. It was nice and cool out this morning but it doesn't stay cool long. The high is only 89 though. I guess that's not too bad for Texas.

    1. It's about the same here in South Carolina, but hopefully it'll start to get cooler for longer!