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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Walk, The Rain, and The Drive-In Movie

So Saturday night my fiancee (Brian) and I took Olivia to my local SPCA's fundraiser. Part of the fundraiser was a 1-mile Twilight Walk. The second part was food and drink booths that were all paid for just with your admission price. It had been threatening to rain all day, but we received the email saying the walk would still go on. So I put Olivia in her tutu and put a little head band on her, and fixed her manicure. Then we were off. We arrived and it was starting to drizzle. No biggie. But by the time the walk was ready to start thirty minutes later, it was pouring. Silly me packed a raincoat for Olivia and not myself. Brian was nice enough to give me his.

Olivia loved the walk. She was super excited, her little legs were moving in hyper-drive. We started at about middle of the pack and by the end we were at the front. Of course Olivia had to meet and greet everyone along the way, human and canine. By the end of the walk we were dripping wet and without the exercise to keep her warm, Olivia started to shiver :( So Brian got sent to the car for her stroller. I have to say I was impressed because although her stroller isn't water proof, perse, it did do a good job of keeping her pretty dry. We went around and got the taster sized portion of food and drink the booths were handing out, and the mini cupcakes were by far the best. Although, I'm pretty sure Olivia's favorite was the woman who was handing out bones to people who'd brought their dogs. The funniest, though, was the Spay & Neuter Clinic who were giving out "not your dog's meat balls".

Olivia (and Brian) all dressed for the
SPCA event

my little family at the SPCA event
before the down pour

So the other super cool thing we did, as you may have guessed from the blog title, was go to our local drive-in theater. We went and saw The Butler and took Olivia with us. We even saw another couple and their Boston named Molly. We had a great time! The movie was pretty good too :)

Olivia in front of the screen

Olivia watches the preview

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