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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lots to Share and Tell!

So yesterday my mom and I accompanied my dad to a car show. We met up with two other couples and a few other men who are all friends. There was also a craft show going on so that was where the women spent most of out time there, Olivia included. I wore a purple plastic Halloween wig and a Halloween bow, just because I could. I've always liked Halloween and even though it's a little ways off, I felt like getting in the spirit. The town of Edgefield, SC where we were has painted Turkeys, like Chicago once had the painted cows (do they still? I don't even know...). I took Olivia's photo with two of the Turkeys. There were also people dressed in period costumes and doing civil war reenactments, Olivia and I posed with two such women.

Olivia next to me dad's antique


Olivia and a Turkey

Another Turkey

She felt so important going around in her stroller with all these strangers coming up and complimenting her. Im always amazed how good she is with kids considering we don't have any at our house. We went to a little sub shop with out door seating for lunch and Olivia sat right at the table with us. Our family friend Sandy had fun feeding Olivia kettle potato chips. Olivia liked them so much she was quivering (literally) for more. It was pretty funny.

"I'll take one of everything"

looking pretty

Last week I was perusing when I came across an interesting listing. It was for Cirque Italia, an Italian circus that's making its way across America. What really caught my attention was that they are supposedly an animal cruelty free circus and they had a Matador routine using Boston Terriers as the bulls. Today they performed in Charlotte and my parents and I went. We had a blast! The Bostons did such a wonderful job and had the whole audience laughing. And the show we talked to the Circus performer who owns them. She was super sweet and told me to find her on instagram because she loves looking at other people's Bostons. For me the highlight was having my photo taken with a squirrel-sized monkey named Romeo. They put a towel on your shoulder for the monkey to sit on. As the monkey handler put him on my shoulder he told me, "Don't be afraid but you have a lot of earrings and he may want to play". Great, I though. But the monkey didn't touch the six earrings in that ear. He did sneeze in my face though, lol.

Romeo and 1 (they charged $10 for the polaroid, a bit
pricey but oh well)

The Boston Terrier Matador Routine Broken into 5 Clips:

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