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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Gobble Stopper

So Olivia snarfs down her food super fast and I worry about bloat because of it. Yesterday Brian, Olivia, and I went to check out the nearest Petco for the first time and I was looking through all the treat balls and the slow feeder options (I've looked online but I like to look at and touch the products. Plus there are just so many mixed reviews). In the food bowl aisle is where I found The Gobble Stopper. It suctions into the bottom of the bowl and comes in various sizes. I think the one I bought was about $6.
Olivia doesn't like it. It seems to stress her out that she cant eat all the food RIGHT NOW.  Plus she doesn't have a long snout so I think it's probably harder for her to get the food out from around The Gobble Stopper. However, it seems to do the trick, so I'd say it works but is probably better for a dog with a longer skinnier muzzle.

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