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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bark-a-Ritaville party and Walk

So September is upon us, and I don't know where the time has gone! Coming up this month (September 21st) Olivia and I are doing something I'm REALLY excited about. It's a fundraiser my local SPCA is holding in honor of a beloved volunteer who passed, it's called Lana-Paw-Looza, and there is a lot involved with it. They're hosting a one mile walk and you're supposed to get sponsors and raise money that goes to help the animals in the shelter. Homeless animals make me so sad, I want to save all of them, so when I see an opportunity to help and get involved I make sure I partake. So Olivia and are raising money and we're going to do the walk with my fiancee (Olivia's "daddy"). Afterwards they are hosting the Bark-aRitaville party with food and drink and pets are, of course, welcome.

Help Olivia Raise Money for Homeless Animals!!

I'd love to volunteer at the shelter and help out in that way, but unfortunately my allergies won't allow me to :( So I love when stuff like this comes up and I can help out in a less hands-on way.

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