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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I didn't mean to be trendy.

When I set out to get a Boston Terrier of my own it was not my intention to get a dog at the height of its current popularity, or a dog that's trending like a top #hashtag on Twitter. But it seems I did. I didn't realize how popular of a dog Bostons were until I had my own. Now I see them in every single ad it seems. Just this morning my mom showed me a cholesterol ad with a Boston in it that she saw in Taste of Home magazine.

Maybe ads have always had Bostons in them and I've never noticed? But I'm thinking it's more because Bostons have come into popularity [again?]- which this article proves. I must admit that I don't mind have a popular dog. I love seeing cute Bostons every where I go!

I think this Nikon ad is pretty funny and cute:


  1. they ARE adorable! Shelties aren't that popular because they are soooo LOUD! lol

  2. I understand! We looked for a BT because we loved their personality features, not to get a trendy dog. But they are so cute, I can't blame the media for featuring them in their ads!