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Friday, June 13, 2014

Olivia Gets Over Her Fear of Water at Yappy Hour

Last Thursday our local SPCA held a Yappy Hour with cash bar and open dog park. Their dog park is $40/year but for Yappy Hour night it's free to anyone. The dog park has this really nice pool for the dogs with a fountain in the middle of it. Two of the sides are beach entry style (walk in) and it's about 2 ft in the center so little dogs have to actually swim but big dogs can just sort plow right through.

Olivia is terrified of water. She's been slowly conquering her fear but nothing like what Brian and I saw at the dog park that night. Olivia started off a little timid and then slowly, slowly she got braver and braver with how far in she would go in. This was all in the name of getting a tennis ball of course. By the time we left the dog park Olivia was swimming back and forth across the pool like she'd been doing her whole life. I was such a proud mama! My little Boston is now my water buffalo! 

she hopped, soaking wet, into Brian's lap

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