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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Amazing Pet Expo: Atlanta

So I've been taking a blog-cation. But here it ends.

Brian (my fiancee), Olivia, and I went to the Amazing Pet Expo: Atlanta on Saturday. We drove 3 hours to get there and we were there when it opened at 10 am. We brought the stroller but Brian insisted on carrying Olivia around.

The East TN Boston Terrier Rescue was there and they loved Olivia. I made a $25 donation for their calendar, which is really well done! The photos are all based on movies and it's so cute :) Especially if you like Boston Terriers BOL.

There was a pet photographer who was taking the photos for free and emailing them to you later on. If you wanted to buy the photos you could once you saw them. Of course, we had Olivia's photo taken.

There were free dog cookies every where you turned, free handouts, flyers, all sorts of free-bees. We got many frisbees and tennis balls, travels bowls, and chap stick, even.

I bought Pet Cakes microwave dog treats, a JackSack poop bag holders, and some misc. other Boston Terrier and doggy items. Olivia also got her nails trimmed for free!

We got to see lots of demos, frisbee, obedience, and agility. It was funny how interested in it Olivia was. We saw Shorty Rossi (Pit Boss) and Hercules. And the biggest celebrity we met was the blogosphere's very own Preston!

Preston is very cute (he was wearing a nice polo) and because we follow his blog we got a PrestonSpeaks frisbee! We chatted with Preston's parents and then later heard Preston's mom talk about how to save money buying stuff for your pets, with an emphasis on traveling. It was really interesting!

We had to stick around until 5 pm for the costume contest and some people took it overboard, check out the photos below to see what I mean!

Olivia exhausted at the end of the day

our swag

shorty and hercules

preston and olivia and their daddies

with the petco dog

toy dogs and tiaras (spoof on
toddlers in tiaras)

toy chihuahua

olivia watching frisbee

min pins dancing for snacks

"georgia peach"

olivia and her preston
speaks frisbee


  1. What a great time! We saw Preston and his Mom and Dad at the Nutrish event we went to two weeks ago. They are sooooo nice! I had reviewed Pup Cakes on Dakota's blog....FYI: next time, don't buy them! Tell them you are a blogger and try and get them to GIVE you to review for THEM!
    I missed our Pet Expo in Detroit, I had covered it for them but couldn't afford to go and they didn't offer me free tix so oh well!

    1. I never would have thought of asking for something to review as a blogger... what a good idea tho! And Preston's family was indeed very nice we really enjoyed chatting with them! :)

  2. We're jealous! This sounds like such a fun day & you seem to have gotten some pretty cool swag! The one in Boston isn't until April, but we've already got it on the calendar.