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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween Pawty!

So Olivia and I dressed up and attended the Petsmart Halloween Party this morning :) Yes. I dressed up in costume too. We received and goodie bag and a big stuffed animal with a squeaky (Olivia loves it even though it's sorta bigger than her). My parents came with their dog Fern and she received goodies too! Olivia is doing so much better from her spaying but it is hard to keep her under wraps... she's not supposed to be too active yet, but she is one excited little girl!

Snow White and the Queen of Hearts

Fern, me, and Olivia

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  1. oh that is just great! We posted about the PetSmart thing on our cat blog (they had adoptions there too!) Did they have prizes? If so, you should have won for sure!