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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Olivia and Friends Go to the Horse Show

So I've been super busy but I'm finally getting to post this!

Olivia and I got up at 5am this past saturday, and went with my riding instructor to a horse show that she was competing at. We drove in her sedan with her, her Golden Retriever, her large Carolina Ditch Dog (mutt), and her Boston. It felt like a clown car. Haha. Not even sure how we all fit!

Olivia's favorite part of the day was playing in the water jumps with her buddies, which I was really proud of her for. Since her horrific incident of terror (falling in my pool at about 9-10 weeks old and sinking like a stone) she has had an understandable aversion to water. But on Saturday she hopped right in with the rest of them for the first time! What a brave puppy! The water was dyed blue and I was worried I'd have a blue Boston, it didn't stain her but she definitely got a bath when we got home!

my phone cam was in panorama mode... so Olivia looks like she has 2 heads!

Cooling off

Walking 2 Bostons at once. Princess (left) and Olivia (right)

Bostons playing (Olivia is the one in pink)

exhausted Princess

"maybe water isn't soo bad after all..."

Hudson with his stick he retrieved from the water

swimming Princess

Pup Pup cooling off

a dog sized boardwalk!

Princess likes to sit on the console of the car

Hudson was exhausted from the day out

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  1. That is some really pretty water!

    Buddy and I have nominated you for the Liebster Award, the Super Sweet Blogger Award, and the Sunshine Award!