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Saturday, August 24, 2013

More on puppy class and puppy tricks

I think Olivia loves going to her puppy class. This week she was playing with that same golden puppy from the orientation class I took her to two weeks ago. They had so much fun pinning each other and rolling around! It's week we learned how to walk loosely on the leash and "come". I've been dill evenly working on "come" ever since and don't go anywhere without my handy-dandy clicker or ziplock full of puppy training treats (I really like the Blue Buffalo Bits. They're the perfect size and Olivia loves them). As long as she's getting a treat, she comes running when called. Of course, like most dogs who are food driven, she knows when I don't have the treat bag and then ignores me.

Last night I put Olivia in the bigger crate we have (still small enough for potty training purposes but gives her a little more room than the other one) because she is now taller than her first crate and longer than it as well. My cat insisted on peering at Olivia though the side holes because I have the front gate covered for this specific reason and made Olivia whine. Good thing it was time to get up anyway.

Right now Olivia is sitting in her bed (big enough for at least ten of her) that she stole from our other bigger dog. She has a bunch of her toys piled up and is sitting on them. She looks super cute.

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