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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


.... Well sort of. I spent all my own money... so it wasn't quite a hopping spree in that sense. But Olivia and I had a great time today at Petsmart. First we went and ordered my contact lenses at the eye dr., then we hit the Arby's drive thru. Olivia was panting like crazy so I pulled out her pop-up bowl and the bottle of water and opened her crate with the intention of putting the bowl in her box. She came climbing out and into my lap and drank her water there instead (while we were waiting in line for my lunch). Being a drool-y thing she proceeded to spit all over the $20 bill I intended on paying with. Oh well! LOL. Olivia got pushed back in her box and I ate my sandwich on the way to Petsmart.

It's been chilly here in the morning. Like 50-ish degrees. It's August. In South Carolina. It's okay, I'm not quite sure either. So because the weather has been so hot, and because she has a smushy face and cant warm the air, and because Olivia has like 0% body fat.... she's been shivering out in the barn when we feed the horses breakfast in this strange chilly air. So. A trip to Petsmart was needed to buy her a coat/jacket/sweater... whatever I could find that fit. You see my problem is this-- in a dress or a t-shirt Olivia can squeeze into a small. But for a coat/jacket/sweater that was too tight and fit weird. I wanted something dirt and weather proof. We ended up buying a pink looks-like-down coat with a chest strap and a belly strap and a hood with faux fur trim. Not what I went in for, but it's just so cute. While we were there I had to, of course, look at all the Halloween stuff and toys and what not. So in total we got:
  • the pink coat
  • a pink t-shirt with a monster and the words "little monster" (I call her Livie Monster, so I found it appropriate)
  • a pink sweater dress
  • a pink sweater with a bling-ed out princess crown on it 
  • a green crinkle froggy-franknstein toy with a squeaker in his head
  • three bags of Blue Buffalo Bits puppy training treats
  • and some stuff for the cat
I went in and spent more than I meant too. Oops. Story of my life. 

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