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Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Happy Puppy

Olivia is always so cheerful, she frolics and hops and skips and always puts a smile on my face! Today we went with my riding instructor to walk a jumping course and we walked a good mile up and down hills, it was raining (again) and Olivia just trotted along the entire time. I told my fiancée she enjoyed herself and he wanted to know how I could tell. Her body language. You can tell a scared sad dog from a happy one. She kept picking up these massive sticks (she loves sticks) to chew on and hold while we walked.

Olivia is also really excited because I picked up her toys and put them in the toy box, making them seem new and exciting again. She's getting so much joy out digging in the box and retrieving her favorites or ones that had previously been forgotten until now.

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