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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Being A Dog Mom

I love being a Dog Mom. So much so that I have a magnet on my car that says Dog Mom. I find it to be so rewarding. I love being a Cat Mom too, but that's more like being a slave, than a mom. Olivia makes me laugh. Every. Single. Day. The dog breed books weren't kidding when they called Boston Terriers the clowns of the dog world- I've never met a dog that can hop, skip, and run in reverse the way she can. And Olivia is so happy. I can't not be happy when I'm with her. She's the light of my life. So on Mother's Day I can't help but reflect on my relationship with my baby girl.

Meeting Olivia for the very first time

Olivia was a college graduation gift from my parents

I love having a shadow- a little someone who looks up to me and adores me so much that she even wants to be in the bathroom with me. Olivia looks to me for guidance, support, and love. In the morning she "helps" with barn/horse chores (which really means I spend a lot of time chasing her away from eating manure).

For Olivia's first birthday I went all out. For her little Boston Terrier Dog Park Party I made a penant banner (DIY How-To Coming Soon), I got party hats, I made goodie bags with Milk Bones in them to hand out. By the time (if) I have real two legged babies, I'll be entirely burnt out from all the DIY-ing special stuff and putting together play dates and birthdays.

The early days together were hard. Like any new mom I was up at all hours of the night. Olivia and I went in-out-in-out until she got the hang of sleeping in her crate. It was still a while after that that she was potty trained. It took the two of us time to get into a rhythm together, to learn each other. But one thing was sure- from the very beginning Olivia saw me as hers.

I've been proud of Olivia's every achievement- things as little as learning to sit to bigger things like her graduating the highest level class Petsmart had to offer. My heart swells with pride when people compliment Olivia in anyway (except, perhaps, when they call her a French Bulldog- lol).

Proud mommy at Olivia's
puppy class graduation

I take Olivia to parades, to car shows, horse shows, shopping, and out to eat. I do almost anything with her that a human mom does with a human child. She went to see Santa and the Easter Bunny. She's gone for cocktails at a restaurant. Olivia even has a stroller, like a lot of small dogs these days, and yet people are still surprised when they look in and it's a little funny looking, black and white dog. She may not be the type of baby they were expecting- but she is my baby.

I can't believe how much better my life has gotten since Olivia came into it but now that I have her, I also can't remember life without her either. Olivia is such an inspiration. Because of her I now make Boston Terrier jewelry, I've branded myself as Olivia's Human- and I plan to continue growing that- I'm even writing a book! All because a cute little dog came into my life.

our Christmas family photo

Even Olivia had an ugly sweater for our
ugly sweater Christmas party