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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Olivia Goes to The Memorial Day Parade

Yesterday there was a Memorial Day parade in the downtown of our town. I have my foot in a cast due to tendonitis and my days are kind of boring right now so my mom suggested Brian and I go with Olivia for something to do. I dressed Olivia up in her patriotic finest and off we went.

We ate at a restaurant and sat outside at a table. It was a nice day. An SUV pulled up behind the table we wee at and there were some strange animal sounds coming out through the open windows. I kept looking to see what kind of dog made such a bizarre sound. It was no dog. Two geese in dresses and diapers were carried out of the car and sat at the table next to ours. "Well there's something you don't see every day. Not even in this town," I told Brian. Olivia only barked a little and then settled but she was still really intrigued by the large birds. The birds' names were Lucy and Wiggles and apparently their parents bring them downtown every saturday.

After our entertaining lunch next to the geese we walked down the street and found some shade to stand in for the parade. We didn't stay all that long, mostly because my leg was sweating and swelling to death in my cast, but it was a place to go.

 And we saw the geese again. Their parents brought them into a few stores with them and all down the side walk attracted quite a lot of attention. It was definitely a trip downtown we won't forget soon, and now all our friends and family want to go hunt down the geese and their parents too!

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