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Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy First Birthday, Olivia Rose!

Yesterday was Olivia's first birthday! I can hardly believe she's that old already! I remember when she was no bigger than a guinea pig... now she's pushing 20 lbs. Every pet parent who starts out with a puppy or young dog probably has that feeling of "oh my God, my little baby is so big now". Olivia is no longer a puppy and it's a little bit sad and a little bit weird. I don't miss those days of potty training, or late night crying to go out, but I do miss Olivia being so little, and getting to see all her firsts, and watching her grow and change before my eyes.

"can I take this hat off please?"

Yesterday I made Olivia peanut butter Pet Cakes and stuck a candle in one of them (although I didn't light it for obvious reasons). Olivia was allowed the rare privilege of sitting at the kitchen table while Brian, my parents, and I sang happy birthday to her. Fern Louise was even brought over to sit on her favorite ottoman at the table. Then Olivia was allowed to have her cake and eat it too! Haha.

"gimme gimme gimme"


"mine mine mine"

"nom nom nom, cake!"

"so good!"

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  1. Aw Happy Birthday Olivia! The pictures of her eating cake are hilarious!