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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Olivia Graduated [AGAIN]!

Olivia has officially graduated from all the classes that Petsmart has to offer us. Yay, Livie!

She doesn't do everything perfectly, but I now have the tools and know how to continue working with her. I hope to take her to some sort of agility class next, however, she does seem to be entering into her teenage stage and she is being a little bit rebellious and totally dislikes and tries to avoid any form of control over her. Debra, our Petsmart trainer, tells me this should pass around Olivia's second birthday. Wonderful. Just one year, four months to go then! *rolls eyes*

Olivia graduated last night with a very feisty little Schnauzer named Sophie and a big eight month old Doberman named Harvey. Harvey doesn't have small dog siblings and find their small size to be a bit unnerving it seems. But Harvey seems to have taken a liking to Olivia and the two actually played a bit last night.

Mommy's little graduate :)

the graduates together (L->R: Harvey, Olivia, and Sophie)

Olivia and Harvey playing together

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  1. I cannot wait to get Duke into these PetSmart classes. Won't be until this fall after our big move, but I'm anxiously waiting!