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Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year... New Ideas

I see it all over. Facebook, mostly. Breed specific activity groups. The closest Boston Terrier group/club to me is in Charlotte, NC which is two hours away. So if I wanted/could attend one of their meets (which look like fun!) It would be at least 4 hours in driving plus however long the activity lasted. That would be a long day, not to mention I have other four legged critters here at home that need care (horses). I'd really like to start up my own Boston Terrier group for people in my more direct area. But I'm not sure I'd know how to go about that. But I'm thinking I'll look into it!

Anybody have any tips for me?


  1. Just create a facebook page for Boston Terriers in your area...or..........there is a website I believe called "Meetups", at least we have that here in Michigan

  2. Yeah, check out I believe it costs some money to start your own group but there are some very popular dog meetups around here. I wish we were close enough to come play with you Olivia!

    1. that would be fun if we could have a play date! maybe someday at one of the blog conventions!