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Monday, January 13, 2014

Olivia makes a movie

.... sort of. I attached my new GoPro camera that I got as a Christmas gift from my parents, that I wanted so I could wear it on my helmet when I compete on my horse, to Olivia's every day harness with some clip-type mount that came with the camera that I have no idea what its real purpose is.

It worked pretty okay attached to her back but seeing as the clip went on sorta side ways-ish it fell off when she shook the second time (which was after she also slammed the camera on the bottom of three chairs. Thank God for the heavy duty case thing the GoPro mounts with). When we attached it to her chest the clip could probably still come off but seeing as it didn't get shoved upwards it stayed in place (it went on her harness for the chest like a paper clip goes on paper, directionally).

Mostly I did it because I thought it would be funny/fun to see things from Olivia's POV, but also because a family friend said she really would like to see a video from my new camera made by Olivia. She told me about a Kurgo harness that has a mount on it, and it looked really cool, but it got such bad reviews I didn't feel like spending $35 to form my own opinion. So I looked through what I already had and found the clip.

We enjoyed seeing Olivia's perspective and I want to try it more when she doesn't feel it's time for her to go to bed (we went on a 2 mile walk today at the park, so the tiredness is warranted), possibly outside? My dad's worried the GoPro will get broken, but its case seems pretty solid and it's even water proof so I'm not too concerned lol.

On a side note, Olivia got weighed today and she's 18.7 lbs now. I wanted a small Boston... but oh well she is what she is and I love her the same no matter what!

Here's the video (I'm not sure why the quality came out so bad... it looked so much better in iMovie on my computer :/ )

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