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Monday, March 17, 2014

Columbia SC Boston Terrier Club- Meet-Up 3: Boston Terrier Takeover

This past Saturday was the third meet-up of the newly started Boston Terrier club we joined. This was the first themed one and it was to have your dog wear their favorite spring outfit. Problem is the dog park is really dusty so I brought Olivia's outfit and she wore it for a split second and then took it off again to go  play. The turn out was great and the dogs all had a blast! There were a bunch of new comers too. Olivia made a new friend, a Boston with one blue eye named Maeby.

One of the Boston Terrier moms was joking that the dog park was taken over by an army of gremlins and later said "this is a dog park not a piggy park!"

Scroll down to see photos and videos of the Boston Terrier Takeover! (Olivia is the one barking in the videos).

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  1. That looks like fun! The photos are great.