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Monday, March 3, 2014

Update from the Weekend

This weekend was a busy one! We attended the second meet-up of the Columbia South Carolina Boston Terrier Club. It was in the 40's (temperature) so a bit chilly and I think that's what affected the turn-out. Olivia was one of six Bostons in attendance. Other local people brought their non-Boston terrier dogs. Olivia wore her red barn coat this time out which made it a lot easier to tell which of the black and white dogs was mine haha.

On Saturday I received the new Boston Terrier hairbow that I'd ordered off Etsy. The price was right and it was cute, and I sort of have an Etsy addiction- especially for buying Boston Terrier items.

Sunday we went to a local horse show, Olivia showed off her new Minnie Mouse bandana and her new Minnie mouse leash. She loves going and watching the horses, and the activity. Plus, we met up with my riding instructor and her three dogs, who are Olivia's best friends.

And then, of course, there is Olivia's new best friend "Woody" a hunk of wood she found in my yard and is now obsessed with. She even tries to bring Woody in the house and miraculously always remembers where she left Olivia on the lawn. Olivia is really good about finding more... natural... toys.

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